We, the undersigned citizens and/or residents of Canada, draw the attention of the House to the following:

THAT - ...
THAT - ...
etc. etc.

1) Using your computer mouse, digitally sign your name (including street number, name, city and postal code) in the space below.


2) Type in your name (including street number, name, city and postal code) . Sign the form in the white space below. An organizer will then mail a petition form for you to hand-sign.


3) Same as Option 1, but we wsk SIGNERS to download and send it to our snail mail address.

Our Name,
Our street address,
Our City and postal code

Thank you,

Please sign here with your mouse:
You need to enable Java to view this signature applet, or download an up-to-date browser.
(Please make your signature as authentic as possible).
Postal Code

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