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Cape Breton Jig
by Jason Silver
Recorded by Jason Silver Ink on the album Moving On

This happy little tin whistle melody is named after a beautiful island in Nova Scotia, Canada, where I had opportunity to 'holiday' in July of 1999. The beginnings of the song came earlier after touring Ireland two years earlier.

In 1997 Joanne and I took a trip to Ireland. Irish music was everywhere! Every pub we entered, every hostel, on the street, it was so infectious that we caught it. Back in the United States, we sought out opportunites to listen to this wonderful music. I started analysing the music as well and wanted to write a song in rememberance of the wonderful holiday. It actually took a year or two for the song to develop to the point where it was ready to record. In truth, it's a song in progress, and it may see more development. I put it all together after a trip to Cape Breton in 1999 (also a haven for Celtic music), and then finally recorded it in my living room with my friend Mark Coburn.



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