The Night Church

A different kind of church...

"Welcome to the Night Church"

...Where Dark Meets Light...

We follow the ways of the Archangel Azrael.

Dark and Light - Ying and Yang - Day and Night - One could not exist without the other.

Most of us fear the dark and strive for the light. But would you know the meaning of love and light without experiencing dark? Can you be pure light energy without accepting dark energy? To become a being of light you have to master unconditional love which means you shall accept and respect all that is, without prejudice.

It is light and love that heals, and dark that rejuvenates and protects. When you fall to sleep your soul travels toward the light while your body rejuvenates cocconed in the dark.

Many seekers on the road to higher consciousness will pass through the "Dark Night of the Soul" before embracing the dawn of a new life. They suffer painfully in the dark, but it is the dark that offers transformation, releasing us from pullying heavy reins and shedding our lifelong ego. And it is from the darkness when we see the first beams of light and joy that illuminate our path as the sun slowly rises on the horizon.

Light itself is composed of many colors, but light was born in darkness.

Have you ever experienced that in the darkest part of your life - a spark of light came upon you - an idea - a vison that turned your life around? Now the question is - Would you have been inspired - would you have been able to see and embrace the light spark if you would not have been plunged into that darkness?

The dark side is not evil. It is pure energy that we need for balance and harmony. The dark energy becomes evil/harmful when it is misused – the same as light energy - fake psychics, healers, religion workers promising miracles in exchange for hefty sums of money causing misery to many.

In The Night Church we agree that dark needs to be fought with both dark and light. Those who abuse dark energy and strive to destroy harmony need to be stopped. Those who use the meaning of Love and Light only for personal gain and greed need to be stopped as well. Bad seeds need to be plucked.

We all came to this world with a purpose. We just need to be reminded of what that purpose is. Whether you walk on the dark side, the light side, or both - The Night Church accepts you without prejudice, as harmony is what we seek. We welcome anyone to join us as long as they seek spiritual advancement to the next plane. We each are born with abilities, and we will help you to develop your unique self. Some of us may be called lightworkers, and others darkworkers, but together we are we are family, and we are one. One mind - one consciousness.

We follow the ways of the Archangel Azrael and we are guided by our guides – beings of love and light that call themselves Lights of The Universe.

Our mission is to heal, restore balance and harmony, and guide humans on Earth in their transformation so that they may ascend to the higher consciousness.

Did you ever ask yourself “Why am I here, what is my purpose in this life?” Did you ever feel different or lost? Do you feel like you do not belong? If you feel drawn to us you may be an ascended soul that agreed to be incarnated here on Earth to one day join in the efforts of our group. We are here to help those who do not know where they belong – where to go – who are lost – or just curious. We are here to teach you, and learn from you. We are here to assist you to heal your soul so you can experience the full joy of life, and progress easily to the next plane when the time comes. We are here to guide and encourage you on your journey. We are here to offer you the opportunity to heal and ascend with us.

I am Rev. Eva Marquez, a Lightworker - and my soul mate and partner and founder of The Night Church is a Darkworker - Together we are one. We fully embrace and respect our fellow workers who walk on either side. Beings of light and dark that use their power to help humanity, bring awareness, heal, protect, and stop those who abuse these energies to cause harm.

The Night Church was founded by Rev. Thomas Marquez to assisit those who have lost faith with contemporary religious institutions and have no place else to turn to for their spiritual needs. Rev. Thomas Marquez has lived within the boundaries of the paranormal and supernatural all his life, and has assisted many clients with their paranormal, metaphysical, and spiritual needs. The Night Church is non-denominational and everyone is welcomed.

Love and Light, and have a Blessed Night…

Rev. Eva and NITE

Rev. Thomas Marquez (NITE) and Rev. Eva Marquez provide the following services.

Energy and Spiritual Healing - Intuitive Consultations - Dream Interpretations - Psychic Protection

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