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Crossword 7.60515-0934 Crossword 7.60515-0934 Crossword - $5.00 Version 7.60515-0934
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Description Updated 2013-07-25

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Allow your users to play this Scrabble(c)-style game on your site. Not only will they enjoy playing with other gamers all over the world, but the game emails sent on each move contain your customised advertisment. Get the 'word' out to people while they have fun!

Screen shot of Crossword

Like Scrabble? Wish you could play with family and friends who are miles away? Now it's possible with the online Crossword script.

  • Great, realistic, Scrabble-style action
  • Letter bag, personal tray, password protected
  • Automatic turn sequencing and email updates
  • Unlimited simultaneous games
  • Online rule book
  • Winner announcements
  • Administrative controls such as game deletion, score adjustment, and more.
  • Offensive language filterning
  • Two, three, and four player games
  • Ability to send a message to other players on each move
  • Advertisement potential- put your ad in each email message
  • Letter bag viewing and swapping of letters
  • Unplayed games automatically deleted
  • Version information included on admin screen
  • Unlimited UNDO for each play
  • Complete support
  • Free updates
This script has received a lot of attention. Because it's server based, and not Java based (Java and JavaScript are dependent on the users browser), WebTV users love it. There are plans in the works to add a more extensive admin section allowing the administrator to control advertisements both on the gane screen and in the emails, as well as have access to deleting, point correcting, and more.

Now is a great time to purchase the registered version of the Online Crossword Game.

Thanks to a fellow programmer, Jim Melanson, this script now calculates points automatically at each turn. INCREDIBLE! (blank-tile-bug now fixed)


I really like the new feature to adjust the score and it works much better as well.. Thanks for the updates on that!
Marie Alline

Sincere thanks for your amazing script,
John A.

Your script looks nice up at my site and I am sure will be an awesome addition. Thanks for providing such a wonderful script! It will be well-used over at! Drop on by some time! Sincerely,
Steve StegemanI installed this on my teen web site but could not get the thing working. He went in and fixed my mistakes and it works great now. Me and my wife love playing each other and i have had some teens play a few games they all like it alot.. Now i need more games to install.. If you want to test the script out you can test it on my www site.

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