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I just noticed that some of my autoresponders are not sending out new emails, while other ones are fine. What's going on?

I checked how you were using AFU, and you should know that you're doing something wrong with the script which is causing these problems.

You're using a regular auto-mailing as the newsletter, but the way you're implmenting this will mean everyone will only ever get one copy of the newsletter.

This is because each person has a number assigned to their name. This number corresponds to the letter number they should next receive.

For example, this was taken from your newsletter contacts list: Name&02-01-04&&&&&

Notice that you have the number 4 right before your name? This means the next letter in this list you should get is the fourth one.

But there is no fourth letter! You're always using the first letter as your newsletter.

There are a couple of things you can do:

1. Continue to use the automailing list you've got set up, but only send actual newsletters as one_timers.
2. Manually change everyone's number field to a zero (0) before sending out.
3. Keep all your past newsletters. New subscribers will start at the beginning of the list, and get the one you sent months ago, but people who are on the list for some time will continue to recieve new emails each week.

I hope this helps.

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Add to Cart This is so easy to set up... I love it. Basically, I just run the application on each staff person's computer, and set them up with the in-out URL and their own 'extension.' Then I go to the in-out URL and enter the user's full name. That's it. Easy.

Thanks for a great script.

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