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This script reads the contents of the directories on your
server, and shows images in these directories as thumb nails.

Here's an overview of what you need to do to get this to work.

1. First upload photographs to a directory. Call the directory
something descriptive like "album" or "photos".

2. Within this directory you may have sub-directories like "March"
"April", or "Parade_2005". Put the photos in these directories
so that everything is all 'nice and organised.'

3. Now place the script in the root directory (if your server
allows you to have executables there) or in your cgi-bin if not.


$images_directory = "/home/virtual/site148/fst/var/www/html/";

This is the location of your photos directory from the server root.
It's often referred to as a 'path.'

$relative_url_from_base_url = "/"; # this is not a directory, but a relative url to images location. just enter a slash if the images are in the root directory.

This is not a directory, but a relative url to images location.
Just enter a slash if the images are in the root directory. If your
images are a folder or two away from your script, then this contains
the difference. For example, if your site is:
then your relative url is /directory/photos

$url = "";

$default_body_info = qq~ <STYLE><!--\nbody {\nSCROLLBAR-ARROW-COLOR: #d47e40;\nSCROLLBAR-BASE-COLOR: #202020;\nSCROLLBAR-HIGHLIGHT-COLOR: #000000;\nSCROLLBAR-SHADOW-COLOR: #FFFFFF;\nSCROLLBAR-3DLIGHT-COLOR: #e7a26f;\nSCROLLBAR-TRACK-COLOR: #000000;\nSCROLLBAR-DARKSHADOW-COLOR: #e7a26f;\n}\n-->\n</STYLE>\n <body bgcolor="#000000" text="#E7A26F" link="#D47E40" alink="#D47E40" vlink="#D47E40">\n <font face="Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, Sans Serif" size="2"> ~;

This is the default body tag for the display of the script. If
there is an ini file in the directory, it will use the body info
from this ini file instead.

$default_pics_per_page = 9;

On thumbnail page, this is number of photos to show on page

$default_font = 'Tahoma, Arial, Sans Serif';
$default_slide_speed = 8;
$default_thumb_width = 107;

This is the size of the thumb nails in thumb nail view.

$display_slides_adjust = 1;

Set this to zero to hide the controls for adjusting the display

$display_login = 0;
$use_includes = 1; # set to one if you want to use server side include feature. See ReadMe for more details

Set this variable to zero if you're not using a SSI. If you are, then
put an index file in the uppermost directory containing a call to this
script. Here's an example of a SSI which would call the script in the
folder photos:
<!--#exec cgi="/photos/album.cgi"-->

$use_send_card = 1;

Set this to one to allow cards to be sent.

$card_maker_script = "cgi-bin/"; # leave this as is if you wish

This will allow your visitors to send any photo on your site as a card.

5. INI files
See the example INI file to see how they work. Place one in each directory.
Give your users a login and a password, and set the colours etc.
Here are some of the configurations:
font_face=comic, comic sans ms
4-4-0_enters_town.jpg=A little 4-4-0 enters town, whistle blowing.
sister.jpg=This is Johnny's baby sister and she is smiling.

At this time, users cannot delete their own photos.

The INI file system can only be changed if there is a master INI file in the
root directory. One has been included in the zip file. Do not upload this
file if you do not want to share folders.

Again, please let me know if you have ANY problems. Please register to enable
me to offer updates and new features.

Jason Silver

creative web solutions

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