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TabCal by Inc.
(c) 2004 Jason Silver

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Jason Silver


Grab a tab export from Outlook using FTP. Display it in a searchable
format on your webserver.

Installation Overview:

1. Setting up the FTP account/server on your machine.
2. Exporting your tab file from Outlook
2. Setting some options at the beginning of the script files (*.pl)
3. Using FTP to upload all the files
4. Setting permissions on the files
5. Setting up the .shtml file
6. Testing the script

Here's How!

1. For this script to work, you've got to have your own FTP server running on
your machine, as well as either:
1. A static IP address
2. A dynamic IP workaround (such as my DIP script).
If you don't know how to set up an FTP server, or have a dynamic IP,
you may to have a rough time setting this up. Contact me for details.
I suggest a server like GuildFTP (Google that).

2. Outlook allows you to export your calendar in tab format. To do so click
SEPARATED VALUES, click NEXT, (you may be prompted to install the
necessary files here), choose CALENDAR, click NEXT, click BROWSE to go
to the anonymous ftp folder on your hard drive. This is where you'll save
your calendar export file so that TabCal can get at it. Type a file name
and click OK. Click NEXT. Click FINISH. Choose a date range for export.

3. Using a text editor like textpad, or notepad, open the .pl scripts
Change the path to perl so that it's configured for your server.
It's usually:

Make changes to the variables at the top as well:

my $datapath = "calendar_exports"; # where are files stored?
my $calendar_file = "jasonsilver.TXT"; # changing this to a cgi extension protects this from snoopers
my $use_fetch = ''; # leave this blank if file is always stored on server and you don't want to FTP for it., otherwise put ftp address:
my $records_to_display = 30;
my $title_of_site = "Jason Silver's Calendar";
my $default_search = &todays_date; # put &todays_date or "something to search" in quotes.
my $screen_width = "99%";
my $row_color_1 = ""; # alternating color
my $row_color_2 = ""; # alternating color
my $font_color = "";
my $hide_duplicates = 0;

my $datapath = "calendar_exports"; # where are files stored?
my $calendar_file = "jasonsilver.TXT"; # having a cgi extension protects this from snoopers
my $use_fetch = ''; # leave this blank if file is always stored on server and you don't want to FTP for it., otherwise put ftp address:
my $url_to_tabcal = '/cgi-bin/';
my $email_address = '';

2. Use an FTP program like WS_FTP or CuteFTP (just some examples I'm aware of)
and upload the files to your server.

3. Set permissions (CHMOD) on the *.pl files so they're executable. (755).
The owner should be able read, write, and execute.
The group should be able to read, and execute.
Also, other should be able to read, and execute.

4. Insert the following into a text file and rename it to test.shtml:
<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/"-->
<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/"-->

5. Place the above HTML clip in any spot that you want the calendar.
Be sure the page has a Server Side Include extension (.shtml), or
that you have enabled SSI on all html pages. You may need your site
administrator to enable this feature.

That's it! You're set! Let me know if you have problems.

Jason Silver


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