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MP3 Database by Inc.
(c) 2000-2004 Jason Silver

Thanks for Registering!

Report any bugs to

Jason Silver


Manage your MP3 albums, songs, and downloads in one place using
this convenient script. Enable your users download songs, or
stream them on a per-song basis. Enable automatic purchasing
with PayPal, and more!

Installation Overview:

1. Setting some options at the beginning of the script files (*.pl)
2. Using FTP to upload all the files
3. Setting permissions on the executable file
4. Modifying the header and footer files
5. Testing the script

Here's How!

1. Using a text editor like textpad, or notepad, open the .pl script
Change the path to perl so that it's configured for your server.
It's usually:

Make changes to the variables at the top as well:
Relative path to data storage place (trailing slash):
$datapath = '/home/www/crookedbush/jasonsilver/mp3_database/';

$admin_pass = 'password';

Set to "no" to use your own html header and footer.
$use_template = "no";

File name and path to html template header.
$header_file = "/home/www/crookedbush/jasonsilver/database_header.htm";

File name and path to html template footer.
$footer_file = "/home/www/crookedbush/jasonsilver/database_footer.htm";

$records_to_display = 10; # per page.

Where you place your images:
$upload_directory = "/home/www/crookedbush/jasonsilver/images/";

$company_name = "";

$show_add_button = 0;

$mp3_path = '/home/www/crookedbush/jasonsilver/free_mp3_downloads/';

2. Use an FTP program like WS_FTP or CuteFTP (just some examples I'm aware of) and
upload the files to your server.

Upload the script to your cgi-bin.
Upload the images to your /images/ folder.
Upload the actual database to the folder indicated above.

3. Set permissions (CHMOD) on the *.pl file so it's executable. (755).
The owner should be able read, write, and execute.
The group should be able to read, and execute.
Also, other should be able to read, and execute.

4. Modify the header and footer html files (database_header.htm and
database_footer.htm). You can use your own header and footer files
if they already exist (ex: header.txt and footer.txt etc).

5. Call the file from a browser to ensure it's working.

That's it! You're set! Let me know if you have problems.

Jason Silver


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